Open call for Office Bearers for Makerhub Amal Jyothi IEDC

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) is an initiative of National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi. The aim was to develop an institutional mechanism to create entrepreneurial culture in academic institutions to foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the faculty and students.

Every year, this centre provides financial, technical as well as infrastructural support to students for developing innovative products. Apart from that, it also serves to nourish leadership qualities among peer groups

Now, Makerhub IEDC is widening the horizon of opportunities for the budding scholars and innovators of Amal Jyothi.

Invitation are welcome for office bearers for the year 2018-2019.

Personnels with passion, dedication to work, commitment to excellence and innovation are preferred.

Posts open

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lead the student team and ensure the proper & effective functioning of organization. He/she should be a visionary. He/she must be able to bring in extraordinary ideas that would help the organisation grow. He/she should be a responsible candidate and ensure the proper working of the team. He/she must possess an optimistic character and should be confident in taking risks. He/she must be able to bring in various opportunities for team development.

Skills Required

• Team management & leadership
• Planning & decision making ability
• Technical skill
• Strong communication skills
• Must be understanding
• The power to inspire
• Social commitment
• Financial management
• Interpersonal relationship
• Coordination & commitment
• Provide required training

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Lead the human resources operation(HR) of the organization, report drafting. He/she should supervise and manage the performance of every the team periodically. Create a work culture. Manage all team members and plan changes for their betterment. Strategic planning and timely goals.

Skills Required

• Active participation
• Leadership ability
• Drafting ability
• Punctuality
• Planning & execution skill
• Decision making ability
• Problem solving
• Good listener
• Excellent writing skills

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

To monitor technological requirements of student members and posses good technical proficiency. He/she must be able to run the development team. Must be able to incorporate technology into the efficient working of the organisation's activities.

Skills Required

• Programming expertise
• Interpersonal relationship
• Good communication
• Technical know-how

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Create policies and provide a direction to team members. To assist over all activities and to organize events & activities. Assessment of the team's performance. Must be well aware of the organisation's rules and adhere to following the same.

Skills Required

• Organizing and coordinating skill
• Management of personnel resources
• Must be a good criticizer and also an appreciator

Chief Financing Officer (CFO)

Finance planning and management. Compiling financial reports, income and expenditure.

Skills Required

• Management of financial resources
• Accounting
• Work Ethics
• Prepare quality budgets
• Negotiations

Creative team

Create and promote posters, promo videos, social media promotion & publicity. Designing eye-catching charts, flex, cut-outs for public display Skills required

Skills required

• Videography, Photography
• Image editing, video editing
• Social media promotion

Event Coordinators

Bringing new ideas and conducting various programmes in and out of the college. Expanding reach-out. Networking among other college IEDC peers.

For doubts and queries, feel free to contact us

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