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Inspiring youth for innovation and entrepreneurship is the need and challenge of the hour in the National and State-context. Innovation and entrepreneurship are the necessary tools for translating the dreams of youth into reality to achieve technological advancement. To move innovation and entrepreneurship in the right perspective, and remove any apprehension, youth has to be inspired and properly trained. Academic institutions, particularly the engineering colleges, are the most appropriate ones to shoulder the mantle of taking up this task. Recognizing this pressing need, the Amal Jyothi College of Engineering (AJCE), Kanjirappally, is organizing a programme to inspire and train 1000 youth in order to prepare them for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Aim of the programme:

To create awareness to the students in:-

  • Entrepreneurial experience sharing
  • Sources of innovation- Nature
  • Innovation an experience sharing
  • Patenting
  • How to develop a project ?
  • Participants: Students (AJCE)
  • Programme-days per batch : Two days

Venue: Amal Jyothi College of engineering Kanjirapally.

Presented by Dhanam Magazine,Supported by Kerala Startup Mission

Trainers/ Resource Persons :

  • Dr. Z V Lakaparampil
  • Dr. Jippu Jacob
  • Prof. Sherin Sam Jose
  • Prof. Joe A Scaria
  • Prof. Abi Varghese
  • Mr. Jishnu


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Prof. Sherin Thampi
Assistant Professor
+91 9846 715 983