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The knowledge enhancement of an individual can be achieved through his keen observation of the surroundings where he can see a lot of applications of science and technology. Observation is one of the key elements required in the industry circle as well to improve once’s potential and to have a steady growth in his career.

To enhance observation and analytical skills of the students by the use of videos, OBSERVER 2016 has been launched by Amal Jyothi College of Engineering Kanjirappally as an intra-collegiate contest. With an objective of increasing the level of observation among students by watching a video (which is related innovation or entrepreneurship) The OBSERVER also aims to enhance the presentation skills of the observer which is another key aspect for the career growth. In the contest, a group of two students has to keenly observe, analyze and effectively present their inferences on the technological content observations in a stage provided to them.

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A contest to nurture creativity in technology among students